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× These documents are for use by Soap Donation Center representatives, not the general public.

Documents for Representatives

The documents in this area are for use by Soap Donation Center, Inc. representatives, such as volunteers and board members. These documents are not for the general public. Meeting documents (agendas and minutes) are available to the public on the “Meetings” page. Similarly, our official policies are on the “Policies” page.

Google Drive Workspace

Our Google Drive workspace contains confidential and restricted documents not available to the public. Instead of PDF, these are .docx-formatted documents for easy editing by board members.

Log Volunteer Hours

Each month, print and log hours of volunteer service, such as fundraising, promoting our organization, preparing for and attending board meetings, serving on a committee, or any time worked on behalf of Soap Donation Center, Inc.

Accept an In-Kind Gift of Property

Complete this form when accepting an in-kind gift of property on behalf of Soap Donation Center, Inc.

These “Print, Sign, and Mail” documents are completed and signed by board members annually. To check the status of documents received, refer to board-member-signature-documents.pdf. Print a self-addressed mailing envelope.pdf

  1. Memorandum of Understanding memorandum-of-understanding.pdf service obligations agreed upon by board members
  2. Consent to Use of Electronic Transmissions consent-to-electronic-transmissions.pdf allows for organizational contact via email
  3. Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Meeting acknowledgement-of-meeting.pdf confirms having received notice of board meeting details
  4. Annual Conflict of Interest Acknowledgement Statement policy-conflict-of-interest.pdf acknowledgement of the Conflict of Interest Policy
  5. Family and Business Relationship Questionnaire family-and-business-relationship-questionnaire.pdf information required for IRS form 990
  6. Voluntary Self-Identifying Demography voluntary-self-identifying-demography.pdf confirms our goal of diversity, needed for grant applications


The bylaws mandate the way Soap Donation Center operates to fulfill its mission. Bylaws are reviewed and updated annually. Our bylaws are in compliance with the California Nonprofit Corporation Law [§5000-10841].

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