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What is Soap Donation Center?

We are a nonprofit charity of volunteer philanthropists and soap makers who distribute homemade soap to those whose lives will be improved by receiving quality, artisan soap. We receive in-kind gifts of soap from professional and novice soap makers. The soap we collect is distributed to many charities aiding the poor, distressed, and disadvantaged. Soap recipients include foster children, victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual assault, burn victims, military veterans, and others. It is our wish for recipients to be uplifted and inspired when receiving useful, artisan, handcrafted soap made with compassion and love, especially for them.

We exist because most charities accept a specific type of homemade soap exclusively, such as “fragrance free” soap only, or “guest-size bars” only. Furthermore, some charities accept soap donations on a limited, seasonal basis. Soap Donation Center coordinates specific types of soap donations with the precise type of soap charities seek, when they need it.

Our organization consists of volunteers only; we have no paid staff. Donated funds are used primarily for postage to ship soap to recipients throughout the United States and for overhead expenses related to running our organization.

Our Mission

The mission of Soap Donation Center, Inc. is to collect homemade soap and distribute it throughout the United States to tax-exempt charities and those in need so they may benefit from improved hygiene and quality of life.

Our Vision

We want to provide a cleaner future to those in need of soap and envision a nation of hygiene and spirits elevated by homemade soap.

Our Values

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