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Stories from Soap Recipients

Stories from those who receive donations of soap from Soap Donation Center, Inc. These stories from soap recipients and volunteers are inspiring.

“Soap for Burn Survivors”

Dear Soap Donation Center volunteers,
Thank you for bringing soap for us burn survivors. I've struggled with itchy skin as my scars heal. The severe itching has lasted more than a year and I've spent so much money on products that didn't help. I decided to give up and stop wasting my money. For Christmas, I spent all my check on presents for my daughter. The itchiness of my scars got so bad, I considered more products or anything to try to get relief, but I didn't have any money. Your gift of soap came at the perfect time because I was out of soap and was showering with plain water. Best of all, the soap you gave us worked great. The plain soap with no fragrance or colorant that you brought us helped my itchy skin. I'm very grateful and pleased to have received soap and to be able clean my skin again. Thank you all.

― Mitch in San Diego

Soap Donation Center board members donating 25 bars of soap to burn survivors.
Photo by Kenia Norales

“Soap Makes Everything Fine”

We had to leave home for our safety. My boyfriend, who is not my son’s father, threw gasoline on my son and tried to light him on fire. At the shelter, we received a handmade soap cupcake that smelled like rich, buttery-vanilla bananas Foster. We felt as if someone had made this special soap just for us, and we used it to wash the gasoline off Daniel. It looked and smelled so wonderful! Washing with the soap cupcake was when we knew everything would eventually be fine and we joked about wanting to eat the beautiful soap cupcake because it smelled so good. Thank you for making handmade soap for us; we truly appreciated the soap and your kindness.
― Anne-Marie in Texas

Comforted child smiling while holding and smelling a bar of homemade soap.
Photo by Rachael Williams

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