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Board Member Contributions

Our board members are volunteers who donate their time to help our organization work toward its mission. For the current fiscal year, 50% of board members have contributed to our organization by donating funds and/or soap.

Board Member Demography

We are fortunate to have a diverse group of board members, representative of the people we help.

Soap Donation Center board is 36% white, 44% black, and 20% American indian.

Board of Directors 2022–2023


Kerri Mixon Kerri Mixon
Lemon Grove, CA

Kerri is a 16th-generation soap maker, federal employee, college graduate, and our founder. Soap Donation Center grew from her 2021 philanthropic vision of a tax-exempt charity to collect homemade soap and distribute the soap to charities and those in need of soap.


Danielle Carlson Danielle Carlson
Wildomar, CA

Danielle believes everyone should have access to cleanliness, which not only makes one healthier physically but also boosts self-esteem and emotional health. Her hope is to help those in need to feel more human and taken care of in hard times.


Brenda Combs Brenda Combs
Walnut, CA

Brenda, former teacher and IT professional, and now soap maker, hopes the Soap Donation Center can bring comfort and be a mood lifter to those who will experience the soap contributed through our organization.


Nanette White Nanette White
La Mesa, CA

Nanette, a US Army veteran, thinks Soap Donation Center is a good match to share her soapmaking passion with a wider community. Nanette explains, “It feels good to be a member of an organization that supports soap makers to aid people one soap bar at a time.”

Grant Writer

Susan Hueck Susan Hueck
El Cajon, CA

Susan believes nothing feels better than feeling good about yourself and everyone should have access to that opportunity. She is grateful to contribute to an organization focused on bettering conditions for others and helping them feel good in their skin and more positive about themselves.

Board Member

Rashonda Anderson Rashonda Anderson
San Diego, CA

Board Member

Kenia Norales Kenia Norales
Harbor City, CA

Kenia's hope is for someone in need to enjoy a renewed feeling of grateful relief and freshness. Just as she enjoys making handmade soap, she hopes others will enjoy receiving the soap and be inspired to improve life and hygiene.

Board Member

Rebecca Wolfe Rebecca Wolfe
Bakersfield, CA

Rebecca is excited to be a small part in helping those in need have a cleaner future.

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