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Soap Diverted from Landfill

Soap Donation Center Distributes 180,000 Bars of Soap
By Kerri Mixon, updated 5/20/2024

A commercial soap manufacturer donated 108,000 pounds of imperfect soap to Soap Donation Center. The soap had been scheduled to be delivered to a Southern California landfill in 3 big rig semitrailers. Soap Donation Center arranged for 2 big rig trucks to deliver to local charities: 60,000 bars of soap to Dream Center and another 60,000 to Father Joe's Villages. The remaining big rig truck delivered 60,000 bars of soap in 24 pallets to AmVets, who generously donated their warehouse storage space to Soap Donation Center.

Board members and volunteers, along with members of San Diego Elks Lodge #168, sorted through the 24 pallets of soap, which contained bars, loaves, and slabs of soap. Soap Donation Center contacted charities and organizations to receive pallets of soap, including the Assistance League of Greater San Diego, La Mesa-Spring Valley Schools, Love in the Mirror, Grossmont College, Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility, Support the Enlisted Project (STEP), and Third Avenue Charitable Organization (TACO). The loaves and slabs of soap were cut down and donated locally. In all, 180,000 bars of soap were diverted from the landfill and given to people in need of soap.

Photo of pallets of soap and two shelter volunteers smiling and holding up bars of soap.
Charities were very happy to receive these pallets of soap.

Photo looking down into a cardboard pallet box with new, unlabeled soap inside.
Each pallet box contained 2,500 bars of new, unlabeled soap.

Photo of cardboard pallet boxes of soap inside a big rig semitrailer.
Pallets of donated bar soap. Each semitrailer held 24 pallets. Each pallet weighed 1,500 pounds.

Sending Soap to Those in Need throughout the United States

Soap Donation Center, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charity making an impact throughout the US. With the help of kind soap makers who have donated soap, Soap Donation Center has shipped homemade soap to the following.

A lack of access to soap is a real problem for some individuals in the United States. Thanks to our donors, Soap Donation Center provides soap to help fight the spread of preventable communicable diseases. Our donors are our heroes because they enable us to achieve our mission and provide those in need with the benefits of improved hygiene and quality of life!

Our Impact

Helped 181,407 People in 42 States

Your donation of funds to ship soap allows us to fulfil our mission. So far, Soap Donation Center has spent $312.28 to ship 375 bars of soap worth $3,884 to charities in 42 states.

Soap Received

We have received 181,407 bars and exceeded our 2023–2024 goal of 480 bars. To acknowledge those who have generously donated soap, please view our Donated Soap list.

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