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25-Pound Batch Soapmaking Live Demo + Q&A

December 11, 2022, at 1 PM Pacific Time

Donate $60 or More to Attend

View a 25-pound batch soapmaking live demonstration by Kerri Mixon and David Perez of Pallas Athene Soap on December 11 at 1:00 pm Pacific time. Donate at least $60 to attend this premier event in person at Soap Donation Center or online. All proceeds go to Soap Donation Center, Inc. Donors receive a donation receipt letter for tax deduction purposes.

With your help, Soap Donation Center can continue its mission of collecting and distributing homemade soap to those in need. Please help if you can. Every donation makes a difference.

Double-Batch Challenge for National Soapmaking Day

By Nanette White

National Soapmaking Day is the last Sunday in September and is quickly arriving. We at the Soap Donation Center are thrilled as well. We are issuing a challenge to those who are making soap on National Soapmaking Day. The object is to create a double batch of soap and ship or drop off the extra soap bars to the Soap Donation Center. Let's commit to giving a cleaner future to someone in need.

Postcard Mailing Set for August 2022

By Nanette White

We who volunteer for Soap Donation Center are preparing to do our first major mail-out. Approximately five hundred (500) postcards are going to soap makers nationwide. The postcards announce two events. One event is National Soapmaking Day that takes place on the last Sunday in September. The second event is an introduction of the Soap Donation Center: We are here and ready to collect and distribute your homemade soap to people in need.

If we miss any soap makers in our first mailing, please contact us. We will add your confidential address to our database and send you a personal e-mail explaining who we are and what we do for you. We are the Soap Donation Center. We help soap makers, such as yourself, to continue your charitable homemade soap donations and claim a tax deduction for your business.

Ready for the New Fiscal Year

By Nanette White

As Soap Donation Center starts the 2022–2023 fiscal year, we are filled with all the hope and promise of a new year. We are looking to connect with hundreds of handcrafted soap makers. They need to know the Soap Donation Center exists as a source for them. In addition, excitement and anticipation fill the air for a successful year. We want to expand our reach into 20 states. This means engaging with numerous tax-exempt charities and building relationships to last a lifetime.

Our Impact

Achieved Percentage of Goals

Funds Received

We have received $1,235 of our $14,000 goal, which is about 8.8%.

Soap Received

We have received 142 bars of our 480-bar goal, which is about 29.5%. To acknowledge those who have generously donated soap, please view our Donated Soap list.

US States Served

We have sent soap to charities in 0 US states, which is about 0% of our 20-state goal.

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