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Sending Soap to Those in Need throughout the United States

With the help of kind soap makers who have donated soap, Soap Donation Center has shipped homemade soap to the following.

A lack of access to soap is a real problem for some individuals in the United States. Thanks to our donors, Soap Donation Center provides soap to help fight the spread of preventable communicable diseases. Our donors are our heroes because they enable us to achieve our mission and provide those in need with the benefits of improved hygiene and quality of life!

Our Impact

Helped 207 People in 7 States

So far this fiscal year, Soap Donation Center has spent $112.28 to ship 207 bars of soap worth $1,884 to charities in 7 states.

Achieved Percentage of Goals

Assets Received

Soap Donation Center has received assets worth $13,157 of our $16,265 goal, which is about 80%. Of these assets, $3,555 represents the value of received donations of soap!

Soap Received

We have received 370 bars of our 480-bar goal, which is about 77%. To acknowledge those who have generously donated soap, please view our Donated Soap list.

US States Served

We have sent 207 bars of soap valued at $1,884 to charities in 7 US states, which is about 35% of our 20-state goal.

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